WHAT IS SEO? 5 key benefits of SEO...

What is Seo? It's importance for small Business?

Many businesses in this Digital world fail to rank on the Serp first page organically. The reason behind this is lack of knowledge and skills of SEO. Lets Scroll Down guys i will clear all your concepts today regarding SEO and How it helps and Most for Startups.

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What is SEO :

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a Digital Marketing Skills which helps your business to boost the ranking on Google’s Search Engine. It is the process of optimizing and adjusting your website based on the algorithm of the search engine. In Simple terms Seo helps your Product or service rank on a particular search term. Seo Also helps the business to get organic leads and visibility On Search Engine Result Page (Serps) like Google & Bing. If your web page ranks on a 1st page of google the chances of click & generates a high volume traffic on your website and get a high quality Leads for your Business. It helps you to increase the revenue of your business.


SEO is the way of earning traffic which is really important for any business, it is the way of earning good traffic & business leads to any company website. Without SEO Traffic Google rankings can’t happen as it is the basic platform of earning sales. There are two types of SEO On Page SEO & OFF Page SEO both play equally important roles in Ranking the page on SERPs. Here are some ways of doing SEO, which are used by Google for ranking for any keyword.


On-Page seo also known as on site seo is the action taken within your own website to impact your website ranking within the SERP’s (Search Engine result page). It helps to get relevant traffic and ranks the webpages higher in SERPs


OFF-Page seo also known as off site seo is the action taken outside of your own website to impact your website ranking within the SERP’s (Search Engine result page). The process includes link building internally as well as link building externally where this helps to increase Domain authority (DA) which is one of the major factor of google for ranking.

Why is SEO important to Brands?

Seo is a free technique which helps the website to rank on SERP. It helps brands to get their organic reach and receive relevant and high quality traffic on the website. The Seo efforts also help some of the businesses to receive organic leads.

5 key benefits of SEO :

1. Bring in organic leads :

 Seo efforts help the website to rank on the top page of the website not for every keyword but for particular keyword. so this helps the brand to get organic lead without paying any amount for leads.


2. Better conversion rate :

 The ranking we gain through the seo efforts helps the conversion rate as well. More and more people are high intent converters so the conversion rate for the lead or product is very high.


3. Online presence at the top :

Seo Efforts help the business to rank within the top pages of google which helps the business to Show their online presence at the top for particular keywords which have been targeted.


4.  Brand awareness :

Seo also helps in brand awareness as ranking your website on particular keyword organically build a trustworthiness wherein more other people get to know your brand as well To be a brand the first and the foremost thing is to make your website Seo friendly In terms of The landing pages, product pages and the Home page. To make the Website Seo friendly On page Seo is the starting steps of the process. The process  selection of top level domain, meta tags inclusion such as keywords in the title, headline & description of a webpage, seo friendly urls, proper set breadcrumbs and many more.

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