What is Hashtag Marketing? And Its Benefits?

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Hashtag Marketing is the most important and resultable strategy for social media marketing. It is the best way to boost your social media Content. #Tag Marketing is the 100% Free technique to gain organic reach through social media marketing. You are a social media marketer and want to boost your business in an organic way, then you can not ignore Hashtag Marketing. It is the Best way of  tagging Businesses, Brands, and Peoples on social media Platforms. Hashtag works and is mostly used with some social media sites like 1. Twitter, 2. Instagram, 3. Linkedin, 4. Facebook etc. We can reach more and more people with the use of Hashtags.

Example : You can use Hashtag like  #DigitalMarketing which is related to digital marketing where all the people are talking about Digital Marketing Related Content.

Types of Hashtag :


Branded Hashtag is generally focused on your brand name  like Puma, Nike, Adidas.

For Example : #Puma is the most popular brand in all of the world and they use hashtag is #Puma to reach more people.

For Example : #pumashoes, #pumatshirts



Event Hashtag is basically focused on a particular event. If your Post is related to Any ongoing event or future event then you can use Event Hashtag.

For example : #ipl2021, #fifaworldcup



Trending Hashtag is use when you are posting any content related to trending topics. This is one of the best and useful hashtags used to boost your post and make your post get higher reach and visibility. 

For Example : #covid19, #pubgindia #wtcfinals 



 Niche Hashtag is mostly used in related topics of your blogs, businesses. It is basically a hashtag of your own business or hashtag related to your business niche. This hashtag is very useful to boost and make awareness of your business & Brand .

For Example : #travel, #instatravel, #travelgram, #foodshop, #snacks, #cake, #pizza



This Type of hashtag is use to specifically relate your message toward the people on social media.

For Example : #Mothersday  #Travel #humanrights  #bollywoodmovies

Best Hashtag Analytics Tools :

You want to market your brands and businesses using some hashtag marketing tool that will help you easily. This tool will help you to give automatic suggestions of hashtag related to your content. These tools really help marketers to easily find the hashtag about related content. Below are the list of tools which is use to get hashtag.

1. Ritetag.com 

2. Hashtagify.me 

3. TweetReach.com  

4. Hashtags.org

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